What I Didn’t Buy For My Baby and Don’t Regret

Are you a new and expecting mama? Are you the first person pregnant in your family? Has it been decades since the last pregnant person? Let’s just say from creating registries and hearing the advice of the veteran moms about all the stuff they brought, can and is an overwhelming experience. You are trying to figure out what items are helpful, necessary or just plain dumb.

Now as a new mama I wanted all the glitz and glam, and I’m not here to tell anyone not to spend their hard-earned money on the things for their child. However, once I got out of my star gazing stage of pregnancy and realised that having babies and raising a family is a TON of money. I really had to focus and ask (great women & men in my life) what did we need and what were things to avoid or simply get second-hand.

Second-Hand things are often items people don’t like to talk about (maybe it’s embarrassing for people) but I love to thrift and second-hand shop. So many great items especially clothes I get from Goodwill and they’re in great condition and quality. Many websites like a Facebook marketplace (my favourite store!) have a ton of wonderful baby items you can either pick up, get dropped off or delivered now. The days of buying everything brand new are over and should be gone. Let’s be honest – half of those things you won’t remember to use, use or even like.

Now I was there a year ago—spending hours you were researching, studying and trying to figure out what was best for our daughter. The last time someone was pregnant was more than 5 years ago, and things had changed, been recalled or were discovered to be unhealthy. But one thing stood out to be accurate; your baby does not need too many things.

Here is my list of things I was told I needed and didn’t get and don’t regret


Diaper Genie: Spending money on a garbage can when you can buy one and an odour blocking trash bag made no sense to me. Not only is the pail itself expensive, but the refills for it (even if it’s off-brand) are still more money than purchasing a 100 count of glade or hefty.

Changing Table: let’s be honest; they look cute and seem functional. However, unless you’re always in the baby’s room (which you won’t be), you won’t change your baby on a changing table. You’ll change them on the floor, couch, bed, and lap but not changing table. Plus, having a solo changing table is often too big and uses too much space. I opted for having a dresser and buying the inflatable IKEA changing pad for 10$, and I still didn’t use it. 

Owlet: Another way to get new parents to worry every second. Unless your child was born with a defect or a premature baby, you would be concerned about minor abnormalities, but you still wouldn’t need this device. This $300 sock checks your child’s temperature and if they’re breathing. Something that your hand and body can do themselves. Get a no-touch thermometer and make sure your child’s crib is safe with nothing on it, and you’ll be fine.

Pre-made swaddles: I know! I know! We’ve seen everyone’s baby have them, and they seem just to love it and sleep so well! Our daughter hated them not because of the swaddle but because she could easily break through the velcro. To swaddle means to hold together to feel like the womb tightly. I suggest you go with a large blanket like the one you get when you give birth and use that. They’re not stretchy; you control how tight it is and have multiple uses.

These are just a few of my items. What are some things you may have brought and regret?

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