Christian Wife and Mama navigating the world through God’s upside-down kingdom. Melissa Philippe “Mel” is known in her community and worldwide as an author, educator, and speaker. Inviting us into her private life as a working stay-at-home mom. Mel shares her story about her Haitian culture and educational and professional background through content on social media or her podcast “Faith + Mama.

Educator and Influencer

Now a retired educator of 8+ years, Melissa works remotely and shares moments of her life on social media. Revealing the reality of being a working stay-at-home mom while homeschooling, running a business, and remaining a wife and sane woman of God.

Faithful Based Parenting

So many views on parenting, but only one has stood the test of time. Cultivating a family surrounding God’s word takes a village. With a background as a doula and educator certified in various psychology programs, this family ensures God’s plan comes first.

Faith + Mama Speaks On

Holistic Lifestyle and Living

Urban gardening, semi-crunchy mama

Parenting With Faith

Realistic moments in motherhood with God

Blissful Births

From Prenatal, Labour & Delivery and Postpartum.

Keynote Speaker + Mentor

From mental health, equity for women’s rights and everything in between.

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