Hire me to speak at your company for your employees.


For working parents, I offer workshops, either stand-alone or as part of a series.

These target specific challenges, helping address common issues for working parents and creating a healthier home life so they can be their best selves in the workplace. It is essential to address these topics holistically – the home life and work-life impact each other, and someone struggling with their child won’t be performing their best at work.

Investing in your working parents increases loyalty, engagement and productivity, appreciating your parents as people and helping them to have more positive home lives. Happier homes equal a healthier workplace where everyone feels valued and supported. This is a return on investment for your organisation.

I also offer individual one-to-one sessions with your parents so that I can work with them personally and privately on their parenting challenges.

This is the most powerful option as it’s entirely targeted to their needs.

All offerings are entirely bespoke, based on your parents and where they are at on their personal parenting journey.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help your parents to develop new skills that benefit everybody.

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