It all started with the fourth trimester…

Blissful Births was founded in 2022 by Melissa Philippe, creator of Faith + Mama. As a retired educator and certified in infant and adolescent psychology in development and neuroscience, she’s always been interested in family and life. After having her daughter and experiencing the emphasis on pregnancy and birth, followed by the wonderous support during postpartum. She couldn’t help but hear many families were experiencing a general lack of postpartum support available to new parents. She set out to make a difference for other families.

Throughout her professional history, she has been offering support to other parents. To expand her knowledge, she became a birth and postpartum by becoming a doula and, soon after, a lactation counsellor. As she began to share her experiences and her community grew, Blissful Births formed. More families were choosing to invest in their pregnancy journeys and postpartum time by hiring birthing doulas and postpartum doulas for in-home support in the weeks following childbirth.

Over time, Blissful Births added a variety of complementary services to more comprehensively support families in the weeks and months following birth. The feedback from our clients has been incredibly positive, as families feel that having our support truly allowed them to thrive in their pregnancy and postpartum time rather than just survive it.

We are pleased to offer full wrap-around support and care to our clients, beginning in pregnancy with the educational backing, labour and birth with birth doula support, and—of course—through the postpartum time. Because it truly does take a village to raise a baby and nurture a family.


All babies are gifts, and we serve all families with specific and personalized care to ensure all clients have the support they want and the care they need. Birth support and postpartum support are human rights.

Our birth and postpartum doulas are trained and experienced in supporting the specific needs of the birth and postpartum time, and also have training as lactation counsellors, so we can provide specialized support for families choosing to breastfeed, including families with multiples.

We are certified in infant and adult CPR, AED and first aid all our team members have clear background checks, and our standard of care for birthing and postpartum families are very high. We regularly engage in continuing education. The quality of our services to you and your family is our top priority. 


Our birth doula are independently trained and complete ongoing continuing education. They are experienced in attending all different types of births in all types of settings, from hospitals to freestanding birth centres, to home births. You don’t have to be planning a certain type of birth in order to work with our birth doula; they are there to empower you to birth your way!


Our day team and night team of postpartum doulas provide top-notch care for families as they recover from birth and settle into bonding with their new baby/babies. They are independently trained and complete ongoing continuing education to stay up-to-date on the best practices for safe and effective infant care, lactation, pumping, and bottle-feeding support, postpartum health and wellness for the birthing person, and mental health for the whole family, and more. They are experienced in working with all types of families with all kinds of needs.

We are small.

In the case of hiring birth, postpartum and lactation support, small is good. Small means more personalized, streamlined, and continuous support. We work in small teams with each client, so you always know who will be assisting your family.

When you hire us prenatally (or with enough notice before you need our services), you have the opportunity to meet our team—your team—of support professionals beforehand, so you can get to know each of us and so we can familiarize ourselves with your family’s needs.

The birth and postpartum time are vulnerable, intimate and unique, so it’s important to establish trust and positive connection beforehand.

We are available to you.

You may be wondering why we say “teams” when it’s a one-woman doula operation? The short answer is we are available to you and your needs—whatever that may look like. By having us be your dedicated professional serving your family, you’re more likely to get all the support you want when you want it.

Finally, a team of doulas means you are never left without the support you need, wherever you are in your pregnancy or parenting journey. Our small but mighty team can be with you every step of the way.

We are independently trained & certified.

With more than 10 years of professional experience educating infants to grad-school students. Being certified and trained in Child and Adolescent Psychology in development and neuroscience. We are constantly under training and providing up to date information. Also with our own experiences witnessing labour, delivery and the postpartum process you can ensure she can provide the best evidence-based, currently-informed care for you.

We have the highest standards.

Blissful Births have been careful in the training and support they receive to ensure a wonderful support system for your family. They are continuously developing their knowledge and skills through team training, peer and mentor support, and our organization’s positive team atmosphere.

None of us is here because birth or postpartum work is just a way to pay the bills. We are here because we’re passionate about assisting families during birth and postpartum time.

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