How To Buy For Babies

So many FTM I’ve met have been doing the baby shopping process wrong. Now Yes I too am an FTM but being a professor for years now has taught me one thing. CHILDREN GROW TOO FAST! Your little 1st grader will be a 5th grader in a few years and their clothes rapidly jump sizes in months. It’s crazy to see the differences in some of these kids, but that’s the reality. So how do you shop for baby clothes? Read more to find out!

NEVER! Buy so many of one size of clothes! That is like buying 100 white shirts in one size for yourself and realising you’ve gotten a bit bigger. It makes no sense. Especially since babies grow so fast, you never know if your newborn will actually be born ready to fit 3-6 months or 0-3 months. So it’s best to start with a few of the crucial items, onesies and sleepers! Your newborn will be in those clothes for the first few months the most anyways! But start off with a few 0-3 months and really go crazy with 3-6 months and up. This way you have enough of larger sizes just in case your baby comes out and is a cute chunky drop.

How I tend to do my shopping is to buy in bulk and buy neutral colours. I love browns and nudes since our daughter is Haitian and will be brown skin those colours will compliment her tones nicely. With neutral colours, you can save them for all genders, and buy in multiple sizes. Also, many of the clothes we have for our daughter are sizes 6 months and up from PatPat clothing store. We agreed that getting her clothes that are bigger allows us room to shop once she’s born because she won’t have much to go on, but also the clothes from PatPat don’t look aren’t all “True to size” which to me provides a great benefit as we want the clothes to last a long time.

Another way to shop for your babies clothes is to simply wait until they’re born. Save all the money that you normally would spend on the cute shopping sprees for your boy or girl, buy other big-ticket items and wait until your bundle of joy is in the world to go crazy on the shopping. This gives you time to enjoy your pregnancy instead of doing a bulk load of laundry and allows you to see the weight and height of your baby and purchase according to that size.


If you haven’t checked out my last blog post about where to buy baby clothes haul and where I typically purchase check out my last blog. However, there are plenty of those that sell baby clothes. When you are searching for baby clothes always try to be a rewards member with the store to gain points every time you shop and receive discounts as well. There’s nothing better than buying clothes for your kids on a budget. Also always check out the sale/clearance section first, they always have great deals for larger sizes and you can save those for when your kids are older. Here are some stores

Just to name a few:

  • Children’s Place
  • Carter’s
  • Osh Kosh B’Gosh
  • Skip Hop
  • GoodWill
  • Zara
  • H&M
  • JcPenney
  • Walmart
  • Macy’s
  • Burlington
  • Marshalls
  • T J Maxx
  • Kohls
  • Thrift Stores

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