Week 4-6| pregnancy & beyond

I will be detailing my weeks of pregnancy as I experience them and talk about my symptoms, what has helped to relieve me and things I’ve been doing. If you are a first-time mom or soon to be mom definitely continue reading



I was able to actually find out I was pregnant by 4 weeks to be exact. I had my last period July 30 and it ended August 4th. As I waited oh so patiently for my period to come at the end of the month as I ensured it would be here on my Clue App – I have been using Clue for 6 years and it’s a wonderful app that shows you and explains what your cycle means, saves all sorts of data and is pretty accurate of your cycle.


When I finally took a pregnancy test I was 3 days late of when my period would have arrived and with my anxious state of needing to know I took 6 tests. One was a first response and that was honestly the test I knew would confirm what the other tests were saying.

I downloaded the What to Expect when Your Expecting App which I used for my God-Daughter to track the progress and I knew this was not only a reputable app but would be able to tell me how far along I was. I did my due date calculation and it told me I was 4 weeks.



  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum (I couldn’t hold down liquids or food)
  • Constipated
  • Food Aversion!
  • Breast grow 3 cups (36C to 36 DD)
  • Lack of motivation

These honestly only got worse as time went by & I didn’t know what to do! Good thing I was able to get into my OBGYN when I was 8 weeks to get a nausea medication that helped me tremendously. Ginger did not help, morning sickness teas and drops, ginger tea, crackers! NOTHING! The only thing that truly helped was the medication I received.


Thank You for reading my post! Stay tune for more of my Weekly Pregnancy updates!


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