He POPPED the question | How he asked!

June 16, 2020

It honestly seemed and felt like a normal day EXPECT for the fact that All-Day Manuel was pestering me to get my nails done


Now if you don’t know, I am the Queen of Press-on nails, but they aren’t long-lasting. I was on my last box of nails, and I definitely didn’t want to “waste” perfectly good nails for nothing.

Yet! I put them on because why not have some d*** grabbers *wink wink. I’m given instructions to get dressed, look good and have a calm makeup look because we’ll have a picnic at Stone Mountain. I love picnics, and it was an oddly lovely cloudy day so the thought of proposal did not cross my mind.

En Route

Who would’ve known that he had the entire thing planned out!

We made a quick stop to get some well needed picnic supplies, flowers and Rosé to be fancy and take some couple photos – but I quickly realise we aren’t going to Stone Mountain since we’ve been driving for 20 mins and Stone Mountain is now behind us. Trying not to ask too many questions I kept quiet waiting for whatever is coming next and to my surprise, it was the better than a picnic at Stone Mountain.

Atlanta Botanical Garden featuring a Alice in Wonderland exhibit!

Pinch me please – lush gardens, birds singing, waterfalls surrounding the trees. I was in paradise, and there was an Alice in Wonderland exhibit too! Could this get any better?!

Now I’m dressed like a Haitian summer goddess and blending right in with the other flowers when I spot this impeccable statue that looks like Te Fiti from Moana – begging to stop and take photos staring at the waterfall what happened next changed my life forever.

Who knew he was down on one knee for this photo?!

Daniel Caesar “Get You” feat Kali playing in the background, and distracted by the waterfall I finally get out of my trance dancing and singing just to turn around to see Manuel down on one knee – he expressed how eager he’s been for this moment, and then he asks me the million dollar question! “Will you Marry Me?” to my surprise I didn’t pass out – I ran into his arms screaming OF COURSE! YES!!!!! And the rest was history.

I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time.

Will you Marry Me?


Thank You for sharing our love story with us!


One response to “He POPPED the question | How he asked!”

  1. Wow 😢♥️ So beautiful! Congratulations 🎉 Miss Fiancé over here 🥳🥳🥳


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