Self-Feeding Develops Fine Motor Skills

The pincer grasp—where your baby uses their thumb and fingers to pick up small objects—usually develops around this age.

Finding safe objects for your baby to practice their new skill can be challenging. If your baby is self-feeding, small round cereal, like Cheerios, can make a good option, as long as your baby can get them into their mouth on their own, and you are present to supervise.

Place a few Cheerios onto a tray for your baby. Your baby will rake, grab, and eventually pinch the cereal between their thumb and forefinger, bringing them to their mouth. If they can’t get the cereal into their mouth on their own, resist the temptation to do it for them. You can also let your baby practice with small pieces of banana, avocado, or pancake when in their high chair.

At this stage, the purpose of self-feeding is to develop fine motor skills and learn about food’s different textures and tastes. Breast milk or formula should still be your baby’s primary source of nutrition.

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