Creating a YES Space For Your Child

A ‘yes’ space is more than a babyproofed room in your home. Inspired by my life, a yes space is an enclosed area designated specifically for your baby where they can play without scooting away, getting hurt, or being told ‘no.’ The purpose, to give your baby the freedom to explore without interruption. 

Why you want a Yes space?

Growing up in a 1 bedroom apartment I know what it means to use all my space. Sharing spaces is my speciality and making a house into a home is too. Also living with cats (because they’re toddlers) really helped prepare me for our walking and active toddler.

I knew I wanted our daughter to have free reign over her space. We made her room her yes space and anything goes. She can jump, kick, punch, throw do nearly anything in there.

How to create a yes space

Your baby’s yes space can be an entire room or part of one. Some parents install a safety gate or a gated play yard to ensure their baby doesn’t scoot or crawl out. 

To make the space as safe as possible, be sure to secure any large furniture to the wall, cover electrical outlets, and move cords, plants, and decorative items (even on the wall) so they are well out of reach. Reevaluate the space as your child gets older to keep an eye on any dangers that may arise due to their physical growth and developing skills.

3 ideas for what to include

  1. Age-appropriate toys, balls, and playthings 
  2. Soft books that can be mouthed 
  3. Plastic containers and lids with rounded edges 

Keep an eye on your baby.

Babies can develop all sorts of creative ways to hurt themselves. As your baby becomes more mobile, they must have supervision. If you need to leave the room for a minute, use a video baby monitor. 

Resist using the yes space too much

Overusing the yes space can be tempting, but resist the urge to use it for all of your child’s playtime. Neuroscience reveals that babies’ brains crave novelty. Give your baby supervised access to lots of different environments—various floor textures, light sources, and stimulating items from around the house to investigate. A balance of independent play and interaction with a caregiver is also essential.

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