When + How to Babyproof Your Home

Being on the verge of more mobility is exciting for your baby but can be a little bit daunting for the adults in charge. Your baby may start to pull up on furniture as early as 6 months or start pushing themselves backward on their belly around 7 months. This means that electrical outlets, cabinets, and low furniture may soon be within their reach. 


10 babyproofing tips for infants

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services have helpful checklists of safety protocols that include:

  1. Keep stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets out of your baby’s crib and stroller. 
  2. Keep hot drinks off low tables, away from the edges of counters, and generally out of reach. 
  3. Move cleaning fluids, detergents, medicines, and other poisons to a high cupboard or install a child-safety latch.
  4. Install gates across balconies and both the top and bottom of staircases to prevent falls.
  5. Install electrical outlet covers with self-closing shields, which are too difficult for babies to slide open. Avoid the small covers that plugin, which can be choking hazards. 
  6. Tie up the cords on blinds and curtains so they’re out of your child’s reach. 
  7. Keep plastic bags out of your baby’s reach. 
  8. Secure tall furniture, such as bookcases, to the wall and make sure your baby can’t pull down other furniture and appliances such as TVs.  
  9. If you have low windows that could be within reach of your baby, consider purchasing window guards. 
  10. Lead exposure can be an issue if you have chipping or peeling paint and your home was built before 1978. 
  11. If you have a pool make sure you install a tall gate throughout the entirety of the pool. Even if your child can swim drowning is the #1 death amongst children.

Look over the frames in your home any of them require new hardware? One of the most dangerous items in our home is thumbtacks and nails. You might think that cute poster in your child’s room is fabulous, but if they’re hung with thumbtacks consider using poster tape or another method. Far too often these items fall whether being pulled on or on their own and they’re small and seemingly invisible once they’re gone especially if there’s carpeting. 


Combing over the entire house and outdoors is not only crucial but will save your child’s life. Childproofing your home may feel like an extra step on top of the other costs of maintaining a home with kids, but you’ll be glad you did. 


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