Sis You’re Pregnant! | 20 Weeks + Bump

20 weeks pregnant is a privilege that I own and I’m blessed that my husband and I are able to get to this halfway point of meeting our little baby. I am still saying little baby because we haven’t found out the gender of our darling yet, but it truly feels like a little girl! Let’s just see what happens.

We’re at our 5-month point and it feels like this time has gone so quickly! I’m just starting to feel the baby move around every day and my husband can now feel through the womb as well. We take so many photos (most of which I am nude) and love to cherish each week as they come.

Belly has formed into something more noticeable to other people and I often get compliments on how cute it is. My belly really brings out my confidence and I love and will miss it when it’s gone.


  • Swollen feet when I walk for too long
  • Belly feels so connected to me I love being pregnant honestly
  • Breasts have been leaking some colostrom
  • Starting to feel small movements
  • No more first trimester symptoms (thank God)


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