What’s a Pregnancy Pillow Do?

Faithful Parenting

Though I’m only at the beginning of my 2nd trimester I purchased my full body maternity pillow when I was around 11 weeks (Now 13+3) Even if you aren’t pregnant this pillow is a lifesaver and let me tell you how and why!


Now when I purchased my full body pillow I was 10 going on 11 weeks pregnant. Now being 16 almost 17 weeks pregnant it has been a lifesaver for my back and growing belly.

I was sleep training to not constantly land on my back often and found that lower back pain suddenly became a thing. When I sleep naturally my behind does arch naturally which can cause some discomfort if I’m not in the correct position to relax my back, BUT being pregnant meant always trying to find the best position while I tried to cuddle with my husband. Not easy work.


The Phaemedoc serves multiple purposes and has a detachable arm that you can use as a leg clutch to keep from those ankles swelling up and add the support anywhere you’d like. Or a nice backrest for those moments of reading or studying in bed.

If you are interested in purchasing this pillow you can below.


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