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While shopping for classic baby books at goodwill I was able to grab a few books for myself that I found at Goodwill and Ollie’s Bargain store that was definitely worth the buy and didn’t break the bank at all! If you have any of these stores in your area go and take a look at the hidden treasures you may find.



If you haven’t heard of the famous line from Sojourner Truth’s overtly adapted speech at the Women’s convention then you are missing out! Loaded with Truth, Angelou, and thousands of other icons of literature in one book it was surprising to me to find it at Goodwill for $3 (because it’s hardcover) a book like this would easily be over $15 in other stores. If you’re interested in purchasing the book I would suggest looking at amazon or even your local library. Here’s a link I found on amazon for the book (CLICK HERE)



If you are a fan of Mr Poe like I’ve been since the 7th grade reading The Raven. This very large book for only 8$ has the entire collection of Edgar Allen Poe’s novels, short stories and poems. Something that would take a few months or even years to collect you have in one novel. Now if you simply want to reread a work and enjoy a poem or short story all you have to do is flip a page and you’re there. This was one of my bet purchases of the day and for the price it definitely call this a steal & deal.


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