Our big secret| we’re expecting!

Marked as one of the best days of our lives. Surprising, shocking, but the best day ever! We are expecting our first child May 2021!



I have a very precise menstral cycle and I knew something was up when my Clue App kept moving my period date behind by one day. I have never has a missed or irregular periods and never been pregnant before. So I honestly thought it was the stress of planning a wedding that might have held my period behind.


However I just had this nawing feeling that would not go away and I knew immediately I had to take a test or I wasn’t going to rest without the confirmation. I luckily had a bunch of tests from doctor offices (I mean they are free, why not) and took 6! Becauseee you could never be too sure. Most of the tests resembled the dollar tree ones and I had one First Responders. I took two tests before my then Fiancé got home just to be sure. What I saw I couldn’t believe so I waited for him to come home. With my then Fiancé watching me pee in a cup and await the results we talked about if the first two were false positives because the first two tests were faint 2 line results. I took the First Responders and another cheap pregnancy test waited the 2 minute mark and it was confirmed!

I was shitting bricks to be honest! My first thought as my husband is jumping up and down for joy is (How am I going to tell my mom?) Not that I was afraid she’ll be disappointed or anything I’m marrying the man that I love and I’m educated. There was just too many emotions running through my mind it’s sad to say that happiness wasn’t the first one.

After the shock factor was over and down with I couldn’t wait to tell my favourite people in the world that they’ll be Nana’s, Aunts and God-mothers! I only told a select few because this is a special moment and I wanted it to be just for us. Plus miscarriages are high risk in the first trimester and we wanted to steer clear of any complications.


We are more than happy to annouce the newest member of the P. Family and thank everyone for their love and continous support!

Continue reading my blog for updates on my pregnancy journey, how I prevent stretch marks, eating and excersie and birthing options in ATL!

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One response to “Our big secret| we’re expecting!”

  1. You left me on a cliff hanger but it’s all good lol. I can’t wait to see the process Congratulations again beautiful woman.


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