Our Story | How We Met?

Quick recap: My lovely fiancé had been trying to get a date with me for three years! Guys 3 WHOLE YEARS! (When you see your wife you know) I was still immature and dating around and didn’t give him the time of day until…


Dec 3, 2018


I had just got out of school and completing some community service work when I was just letting my Instagram followers know how to get in on helping their community. When I get a message “I love that you care about your community, it shows a lot about you as a person, and you’re very kind.”

I was pleasantly surprised and replied, “Thank you; it’s something I’ve been doing for years now.”

What he said after is what made me give him my number.
“A woman like you I would only pray I can marry, how does one do that?”
“Ask my mom for her blessing, get me the ring I want and flowers, and I’ll marry you lol.”
“Well let me get to know you, and we’ll see about that”


Nearly two years later we’re engaged!

Two Weeks Later

After our initial phone call, it was love at the first ring at least for me – I was completely head over heels for Manuel, and he was giving me intellectual conversations, making me laugh and consistent!

Oh he had me excited – Then he dropped the ball on me

“I live in San Francisco.”

For the time we dated, he always mentioned NYC, so I assumed he lived here – we had not seen one another in person, and I was worried if that’ll be possible.

Then he set up a date!

December 22, 2018

We decided to meet up in the city and have a chill date together, just wandering around. While in his favourite camera store he randomly asked me

“Will you be my girlfriend” surprised but pleased I said Yes!

I didn’t realise having a long-distance relationship would pull and put us in situations neither of us wanted. With my fiancé travelling back and forth to NYC and me going to San Francisco only once a month, our communication, trust and love began to shake terribly.


It was starting to feel like we made a wrong decision, but young and in love with God in our union, we decided to keep going with it.

Until – “Will you move to San Francisco with me?

I couldn’t believe it, I was graduating from college in May 2019 and Manuel had been in San Francisco for some months, so I decided why not?

Weeks turned into months, and soon enough we were in our apartment in San Francisco “The Bay Area” beautiful sunsets, vague palm trees and lots of teslas who would complain about this?

If you think our relationship became heavenly when we lived with one another – think again.

I’m no marital expert (no one accept God is) however I wasn’t always keen on not living with your partner until after marriage. From my personal experience us being in our mid-20s as well – we were able to learn, change and compromise on our living habits quickly and early before it was ingrained in us. We had schedules and rules that set the tone for our relationship (which by the way really started 8 months after we initially start dating)

If you’re in a relationship whether you’re single, in a relationship, engaged, married, divorced or widowed. There has to be room for God – if you don’t love God, it’s impossible to produce the proper love for another being. God is love, and if you don’t have the first component, you won’t be able to have a genuine, long-lasting, loving relationship. Communicate and compromise on what you can, be firm with what you can’t.


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