Yosemite National Park| Our Weekend getaway


On February 22 we decided to take our Chevy Cruze on a long and anticipated journey off to Yosemite National Park. Usually, on weekends, we stay home, particularly since we both work Monday through Friday and are away from home for nearly 12 hours. The only two days of peace usually is surrounded by sleep, cleaning and Milo, our cat, but not this weekend. We were surrounded by mystic fog, rainy clouds, 100-foot trees and multiple waterfalls –

Welcome to Yosemite


Th 300+ mile drive up winding mountains, antique shops and one of a kind taverns and bars. The drive to Yosemite Park is beautiful! We stopped by a few times just to few the town closest to the park and also take some photos next to some Cherry Blossoms


I am a nature enthusiast; I love astronomy and studied it in college and spend most of my time building my survival guide. So, when I told my boyfriend we’re going to Yosemite, he did not hesitate with his answer because he knew why I wanted to go. The 2 ½ hour up on quiet, long roads brought us to a new part of California most people don’t see often. Even when we were 20 miles away from the entrance of the park, it was almost like its part of the world. Winding roads and deer/ wildlife warning signs everywhere you legitimately felt like you had left the bustle of San Francisco and went to another place.


If you’ve never been to Yosemite National Park there is a 34$ entrance fee, and that doesn’t include if you’re lodging, there (which is an option) once you’ve entered the park, you’re greeted with nothing but forest and tall mountain/ridges. Certain roads in the park are closed from December-May due to weather so if you want to venture off to the top of Yosemite you can during the warmer months, but since we weren’t allowed to our choice was Yosemite Falls. One of the two main waterfalls in Yosemite Park.


Bring your hiking boots, jacket and camera because you’ll undoubtedly need those items. Most of the park is elevated over 5,000 feet, so water with electrolytes is also recommended. Parking is free, but good luck trying to find a right spot with the other hundreds of people, however, if you can take the shuttle bus that will give you a brief tour of the park as well.
If this is something on your bucket list, go for it.

I knew I wanted to be under the trees and get a feel for the beauty that God has given us in this world and having the opportunity to live in San Francisco gave us the blessed moment just to get up and go. If you can lodge, I will say go for it! Watching all the stars in the non-light polluted park is a dream come true for any real astronomers.

It’s not Good Bye, it’s Later
It’s not Good Bye, it’s Later

2 responses to “Yosemite National Park| Our Weekend getaway”

  1. manuelphilippe07gmailcom Avatar

    It was an amazing adventure with you little mama 💕💕✨

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    1. It was an amazing experience for sure and you made it more special


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