Things to do in Miami| Frost Science Museum

The 305 has always been one of my favourite places at least top three after Haiti and NYC. My mom’s side of the family lives in Miami, and I have spent my summers down there since I was 5 loyally. Since I’m more of a regular than a tourist, I don’t go to the tourist attractions often because – well it’s like living in NYC no one goes out of their way to see those attractions because I can see it every day.

However, this time was different; I went to an aquarium for the first time in the 23 ½ years of living! I know, I know! I don’t need to hear “First time? Your lying, right?” I wish, but Brooklyn aquarium was always far out of reach, and when I did want to go, it was still under construction. I love the water and would be a fish if I had the option or a mermaid for sure.

planning your visit

Whether you’re visiting this museum for the first time or a regular, they offer a ton of great pricing deals. It’s best to plan ahead because they are open daily and receive a lot of foot traffic.

They’re a welcoming location for anyone with accessibility concerns and ensure that everyone gets the same experience while here. They are regular parking and accessible parking that is offered on a first-come-first-served basis for vehicles under 8’2.

They also provide food@science museum where you can enjoy a variety of different options; they also include alcoholic options too. If you’re a member, you receive a 10% discount on all purchases made at the food@science. Food and Beverages are restricted in most of the museum halls and exhibits. They also offer a science store where you can find many great gifts for people of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re a member, you will receive a 10% discount on purchase here as well.

Museum Hours: Monday- Sunday 9:30 am- 6pm | When planning your trip to the museum try your best if possible, to book your ticket online as you receive a few dollars off your Explorer Ticket.

Explorer Tickets are as follows:

Adults: $29.95 (Online $27.95)
Youth ages 3-11: $20.95 (Online $18.95)
Children 2 and under: Free
Members: Free

If you are a parent or frequent member of the Frost Museum, being a member is a great option. You receive free admission all year of course, with member benefits and are invited to member-only program, events and previews.

Member prices are as follows:

Individual PLUS: $109
Family: $189
Family PLUS: $229
Family PLUS Premier: $279
Young Patron: $159 |$249

You can also Add on experience, which is the Insider’s tour, only available on the weekends at 2:15pm which is another price on top of your original ticket or for members is the only price you’re paying

Tour Cost:

$18 per nonmember
$15 per museum member

Remember your ticket is only suitable for the admission date indicated on it. The museum is open rain or shine so ensure you’re ready for any elements that may occur on that day.
If you’re a Miami-Dade County resident, you will receive 15% off discount off your ticket with proof of your address that is in Miami-Dade County. Active US military, veterans and first responders with proper identification receive free general admission to the museum and a $2 discount on planetarium shows. Seniors 65+, students and non-south Florida based educators with proper identification can receive a $3 discount on tickets as well.
Please Note: If you fall under one of these categories you won’t be able to utilize their online ticketing service and will have to purchase your ticket onsite at the museum ticket centre.


This museum has a total of 6 floors each with its own unique attractions. They provide a downloadable map of their museum, which I will provide to you as well.

Their main attractions are;

Aquarium: A beautiful space where we can view living science, it’s a three-level aquarium that carries you from the surface to the depths of South Florida’s aquatic ecosystem
Planetarium: A 250-seat planetarium gives you the experience to take a journey through outer space
Feather to the stars: Following the story of flight, from our new discovery in feathered dinosaurs to the humans that discover great feats into our space travels
A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature: Find yourself in a giant mirror maze and see all the patterns that exist in our world naturally
MeLab: Explore the ways or bodies and mind work together
Design Lab: Engineering: Design lab allows you to place yourself in engineers place and see the challenges they face and use your critical thinking skills
River of Grass: This takes young explorers through the Everglades ecosystem
The Sunspot: Experience the powers of the sun in this renewable energy solar-powered activities

If you decide to go alone, as a couple or with your children it will be the best experience for everyone regardless.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Be kind to yourself and each other. Love one another always! I’ll see you in my next post!

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