4 Easy Ways to Achieve your 2020 Goals

2019 Recap

I remember vividly saying December 31, 2018, what I hope for the new year. Good health, everyone’s life, and health, for our world to be a better place and for God to hear my deepest desires. Which for so long I didn’t tell anyone, but my boyfriend Manuel. I wanted 2019 to be different – to mean something to my family and me. So I wrote a list of things I want to accomplish with no end date, simply get it done by the end of the year. Here are five things off my list I am beyond thankful to have done because of the Lord.

1| Removing my tonsils

Now this will be in another post – so wait for that full story. However, it had to make the list! I have complained about my tonsils for as long as I can remember. But of course, being young, a woman, and Brown Skin didn’t help in convincing medical professionals. My tonsils were “normal size,” so they didn’t need to be removed. Instead, I should stuff my stomach with antibiotics, and it should go away within the week. I was over it and finally set a plan with my doctor to get referred, a year and four tonsillitis cases and one strep throat later I had an appointment with an ENT, and we booked a surgery date. The only thing it was on May 24th – My Birthday is May 27th, and my graduation was May 30th – So much Fun.

Hospital Prep

2| Graduating College

This had to have been my hardest journey – mostly because I was on my own for the first time. I am indecisive when it comes to choosing something to do with my life. I mean? Who wouldn’t want to be born wealthy? But we aren’t all living the façade of life.

I graduated High School in 2014 and entered College that August.

So I had no break! I didn’t have a summer because I was taking summer classes from 11 am-5 pm. I HATED IT! But I couldn’t quit, one my mom is Haitian, 2 I’m Haitian and 3. I love learning. But I choose the wrong major – I entered in as a Small Business/Entrepreneurship major and graduated in English: Writing and Literature. Such a big turnaround and the happiest moment of my life – knowing I am doing what I love.

3| Moving to San Francisco

For someone who wants to travel the world! Moving across the country was a dream! I was finally going to be in the “Golden State” and see what it is like to be here. My boyfriend and I were dating long-distance for seven months of our relationship before I moved here. It was difficult; I mean, we wanted to kill each other. But I wouldn’t change that, it helped us grow, and our communication is on point. I moved over to “The Bay Area” and got settled in. There are some great historical places all over the city, and excellent restaurants to try. Now we want to move away again! Goal for 2020

4| Our first apartment!

We were definitely on cloud 9 when we found this place. The price was reasonable, the location was terrific, and the scenery was beautiful. The happiest day of my life when we signed the lease in April. Manuel was pretty lonely for a few months, and the house was pretty empty too. But as soon as I settled down and raided T.J Maxx and Marshalls for items, our house became a home. I made a garden in the balcony, and we hung up photos, and it finally felt like ours.

5| Getting my first car

My proudest moment for sure! I knew that everything that occurred in the year was leading up to this day. All those expensive Uber rides, the waiting for a cab. The torture! I finally had my first car!! 2018 all black Chevy Cruze. I named her Jazzy, and it was a moment of pure joy. I never owned a car before, and only drove in NYC a few times. It was a fun experience, going to the dealership, with actual money to shop for something! Not just window shopping for what I hoped for neither. Being handed the keys and sent on your way was my best day.

2020 Vision

Left to right: Daily planner, Journal, Weekly planner, Faith Journal

1| Buy a planner or journal

When you have a set location for all of your ideas and wishes, it allows you to be organised and clear in what you want. I prefer having both where I can be more concise in my planner and more dreamlike in my journal. Think of it like this; my journal provides the ideas, and my planner allows me to make it a reality. I have two types of planners as well, a daily monthly, and weekly monthly. I can plan the day for work and see an overview of the week for school/business. It gives me the chance to separate my work, but also keep everything in order.

2| Tell a TRUSTED friend/advisor your plans

I prefer to tell my four closest people in my life my ideas. Manuel, my mom, sister, and best friend. I like to be held accountable for the things I say, and the best way to ensure I am following my word is to have people looking at me. Now note I said a trusted person because you want someone that won’t shun you if you mess up or slip up a few times. We’re human and having people around you that understand you’re not perfect will help you stay motivated.

3| Make smaller goals, in between the massive ones

Who doesn’t want to move, have a brand new car, and home by the end of 2020? That’s definitely on my list. However, making sure I wake up early for a month straight. Giving Manuel appreciation notes throughout the week, and staying healthy are small significant goals that shouldn’t go ignored. Everyone wants the big shiny trophy that people will notice. But I want the small medals too, because it’s not the prize at the end, it’s the experience on the journey.

4| Have Fun!

All of these lists and goals are great. But what will be the point of all of it if when you get there, you aren’t happy or want more? Being satisfied is something we, as humans, find challenging to do at times. However, this life is short and precious. Having dreams in life is beautiful, but also is living in reality and appreciating the people and things we have now. Because sadly, they can’t last forever, and I like that they don’t. It gives me new ideas each day on how I can express my love for them.

Stay safe and blessed this year. We have embarked on a new journey of celebrating a new year, do what you want with it, but make it worthwhile.
Care for each other, love one another, and I’ll see you in another post!

3 responses to “4 Easy Ways to Achieve your 2020 Goals”

  1. Loved it! Such great goals! & amazing to see all the things you accomplished! YOU GO GIRL 🥳🥳🥳


  2. Manuel Philippe Avatar

    WOW! You had an amazing year!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sure did have a fantastic year, and I hope you did too


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